Southern Maine Water Polo

We are an adult co-ed recreational water polo team based in Southern Maine.

Players of all experience levels are encouraged to join!

What To Expect

We get together weekly to practice drills and shooting, we scrimmage at the end of each practice.

We play against other teams in New England

Why Play Waterpolo

  • It’s fun
  • It will make you a better swimmer
  • It’s a great workout
  • It’s an opportunity to play in the area
  • It’s a way to participate in a competitive aquatic team sport

Am I Good Enough To Join?

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Many of our players have experience from high school or college and others have joined with only swimming experience.

Suggested Baseline Skills:

  • You should be comfortable swimming laps in a pool
  • You should be comfortable treading water for extended periods
  • We can help you figure out what you need to work on for endurance and technique
  • Practice drills will help familiarize you with playing water polo

How To Join

*Note that if we switch practice pools, the sign up process may be subject to change.
You can always contact the coach for questions.

  1. Create an account at Cape Community Services
  2. On the Cape Community Services Website, search for “Water Polo” and sign up for the session you wish to join. You can also simply click this link to go directly to the Water Polo Sign Up section
  3. Before signing up, feel free to come join us for a free trial practice or two before signing up!

Current Schedule

Contact us to get on our email list to make sure you have the most up to date schedule.

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